People love watching videos on Twitter and especially the users on mobile phones. 90% of the videos are watched from mobile phones. Some are short and some are long, nonetheless, they get great engagements and get people talking about stuff. On average they get twice as many, sometimes, even more, likes, retweets, and replies than other types of tweets. 

Short Videos for Twitter

Twitter has a limit on how long of a video you can upload and that is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. That may not seem a lot of time to do some things that you might want to do but statistical data shows that the shorter videos get more views than longer ones. Take TikTok as an example. It is a rather new platform compared to something like YouTube. It also has much shorter videos as compared to YouTube; a platform where you can post as long of a video as you want. But this year TikTok overtook YouTube in the average time watched. So, people would rather watch ten 1-minute videos rather than one 10-minute video. That’s another reason why Twitter is a great place to share videos on. And if you ever wondered what type of videos you can post or share on Twitter then this is for you.

Twitter Video Types

There are lots of different categories of videos that are shared. And don’t think that these are the only kinds of videos that people watch, you can share anything you want. Be creative and bold. Use your imagination and the world is your oyster.

Teasers and Trailers

One of the most common types of videos is teasers and trailers. They can be of anything; a brand, collection, movie, song, games, collaboration, etc. They work very well in getting people hyped up about the upcoming product or event. They can get on trending pretty easily and that brings in even more people.

Behind The Scenes

Another type is behind the scenes. People are very interested in seeing what goes on behind production set-ups, the creative process, and other components that are involved. It gives them the feeling of being involved in them. They are also fun to make and watch.


Ads are also among the most tweeted videos on Twitter. A tip for making the most impact is to keep to the point and using engaging and aesthetically pleasing palettes and visuals.


Q&As are a great way to communicate with your followers and other people who are curious about your account. The best way to do this is to announce the event first and let people ask their questions in the replies. Then you can either make short videos answering each one or some longer ones to answer multiple questions.

Live Videos

Twitter has its own platform for live videos called Periscope. Live videos can be used in many styles like behind the scenes, meeting the teams behind the brand, keeping people updated with what’s going on at the brand. Other ways to show transparency and getting people more involved with your brand, and creating an emotional connection can be vital.

Reveals and Announcements

These are also some of the most engaging types of videos. They go around social media pretty quickly and get people invested in new products and lines. Joining them with teasers and behind the scenes makes them even more effective as it takes the people on a journey who have been waiting for reveals.