Videos are one of the most engaging mediums on Twitter. More than half of the people on this platform are posting videos. An astonishing 82% of people watch and engage with Twitter videos. Another interesting fact is that around 93% of the users watch the videos on their phones. Around 80% of people use Twitter on their phones. These are few figures that you should keep in mind before making your videos for Twitter. 

There are some different ways to post or share your videos on this platform. The simplest one is using the in-app function to record videos and upload them straight from there. It's easy. It's simple. And it's the quickest way to do it. Another option is to import videos from your mobile or any other device. You can select the video you want to upload from pretty much any mobile device or computer. There is also another option of doing live streams on Twitter using Periscope. It is also a great way to engage your followers and other people. You can also post share the video on some other platform and share the link. Twitter videos also get more retweets, replies, and likes. The research was commissioned by Twitter reported that videos get 2.8x retweets, 2.5x more replies, and 1.9x more likes. These are some very impressive numbers.

One of the crucial things to keep in mind before making your content is to make the first few seconds of it as interesting as possible. That is your hook for the audience. Some simple tricks for this are to ask questions or share some facts to intrigue the audience. Although you can upload videos that are up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds, or 10 minutes long if you have a business account, you should try to keep them short. Short videos are better at engaging with people. People usually prefer watching shorter videos even if they watch them for longer periods. This also makes the process of making the content easier. Videos that start with people showing up end up doubling the viewer retention according to a study by Twitter. So, you should take note of this as well. While posting your videos you should always try to use captions. The tweet becomes much more engaging with the text. You can also add some context to the video.

This way your video stays engaging without the necessity of adding any information that might have dulled the effect. The aspect ratio of the videos should also be mobile-oriented. Since mobile phones are the main device for using Twitter and for watching videos on it, it is better than the video fits into the screen without unnecessary borders. The time to post your videos also matters a lot. You can look at the analytics of your tweets to see when most people are engaging with your tweets and post only during those peak hours. Another tip for this is to align your posting time and content according to world trends. For example, an Olympics is being aired. And many people are talking about it. If you post a video that is related to it and during the time most people are talking about it, then your video will get the maximum engagements.